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Complete book-keeping and tax accounting services for medium-sized enterprises

Your business is growing fast, workflow increases from month to month and your company is gaining new employees? – Congratulations, you have a lot to be proud of! However, you maybe already paid your attention to the fact that the faster your business grows the more time, attention, precision and thoroughness book-keeping and tax accounting requires. It also requires the additional knowledges, skills and experience.

Your right choice in this case will be one of our MIDSIZE BUSINESS service plan. This range of service plans will suit for companies with monthly average volume of primary documents from 75 to 200 and with staff number up to 15 employees.

Our specialists have ten year experience in providing book-keeping and tax accounting services to the companies conducting their businesses in a variety of industries: retail and wholesale trade, freight transport, international trade, provision of different services, agriculture, asset management, construction, manufacturing, food, fuel, mining minerals – and it means that they are aware of the features of accounting in each of the areas of activity.

NORD OUTSOURCING’s Customers can be absolutely confident both in high qualification of our staff and that your company’s accounting will be carried out in full accordance with Russian legislation.

As early as on the primary stage of negotiations we fix thoroughly all details and features of Customer’s business and study Customer’s needs and requirements in term of book-keeping and tax accounting – and it helps us to propose the most optimal and efficient scheme of interaction for each Customer.

We guarantee timely execution of all commitments and assume financial responsibility for the quality of our services.

Just grow your business up – and let NORD OUTSOURCING to carry out of your accounting.

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