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Complete book-keeping and tax accounting services for small-sized enterprises

The success and prosperity of any business depend, among other things, on punctual and professional maintenance of accounting records – both for legal entities and private entrepreneurs. This statement is hardly possibly to disprove because any company’s chief executive at any time may require the most complete and reliable information regarding the state of company’s affairs for the adoption of current or strategic decisions. However, to find a high-qualified accountant may become one of the most complicated tasks. Firstly, it is quite difficult to appraise applicant’s professionalism and real competences for the person that does not have theoretical and practical knowledges and skills in accounting. Secondly, not every small-sized company is able to afford hiring top-level accountant because the wages of such specialists may be unaffordable for small enterprises.

That’s why outsourcing of book-keeping and tax accounting becomes more and more popular amongst small businesses in Moscow and other cities of our country.

Outsourcing of book-keeping and tax accounting is not only economically advantageous but also very effective for the Customer: outsourcing companies usually have narrow specialists for the most qualified and efficient realization of Customer’s tasks.

NORD OUTSOURCING offers all small businesses and private entrepreneurs to use our 1C:AccService.NORD service.

1C:AccService is the largest network of 1C Company’s partners providing book-keeping and tax accounting services on the basis of single standard developed by 1C Company. 1C:AccService.NORD combines the decade of NORD OUTSOURCING's experience in book-keeping and tax accounting and 1C’s cloud technologies, including qualified electronic signature for electronic reporting to state authorities and personal Customer’s account for easy and convenient communications with an accountant.

You can choose one of 1C:AccService.NORD  service bonuses*:

  • Free consulting service on taxation;
  • 1 month of service for free;
  • Express audit service;
  • Trial access to 1C:Entrepreneur program for 45 days.

*List of bonuses may vary; check the current list of available bonuses when connecting the service.
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