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Personal appraisal

NORD OUTSOURCING offers you professional appraisal services. Professional appraisal can be done in relation to your potential candidates on the following vacations in case you would like to evaluate their qualification:

— accountant;

— chief accountant;

— financial director;

— HR inspector or HR manager.

The tests that we use in our work had been developed and are always upgraded by our methodologists and specialists on the basis of Russian legislation and extensive practice experience. You can be sure that the tests will be selected taking into account your company specific and responsibility areas of the potential candidate or employee. Testing consists of an interview and written test and cases.

To get more information about the cost and list of services and terms of cooperation, please call: 8 (800) 100-24-62 or send us your request by e-mail: hello@nordoutsourcing.ru.

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