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Payroll services

It should be mentioned that in accordance with Russian labor legislation payroll calculation must be done twice a month. In addition to the mentioned above payroll tax legislation in Russia has too many nuances and is constantly changing so the calculation should be dealt by a very competent specialist. The really complicated task is to find a qualified person for the position. Partly because of this nuance, most foreign companies outsource payroll. The other reason of that – payroll could be easily outsourced.

By running a contract for payroll processing with NORD OUTSOURCING (as a Provider), the Client insure all the risks connected with payroll and salary related taxes miscalculation. In case of violations the law and local governmental rules our company as the Provider will pay any fines and penalties on its own account. Moreover, payroll outsourcing always allows our Clients to maintain the information confidentiality.

Payroll calculation service includes calculation of all necessary payroll payments, taxes and preparation of all statutory reports.

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