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HR administration

All Russian legal entities as well as foreign companies operating in Russia must obligatory keep human resource management in order to maintain personal employee’s records in accordance with Russian Law.

For example in order to enroll or dismiss employees, prepare documents confirming business trips and vacations, change employee’s position it is required to draft particular documents and orders, labor contracts, business trips certificates, make notes in workbooks and accounting records in the system, etc.

In order to perform such HR functions company can either hire a specialist or pass all these routine work to the outsourcing services provider such as NORD OUTSOURCING.

The advantages of the last variant are:

— high quality services;

— full support in case of labor inspection checking;

— time and cost savings, because it is not necessary to look for HR specialist and pay for HR agencies expensive services or pay salary related taxes for the newly hired persons.

As for the cost of HR administration services it can be calculated using two ways:

— by taking as a basis each document. This is the most convenient option for the companies where the employees turnover rate is quite low as well as the volume of documents turnover;

— by establishing the fix rate for full HR service package. This option can be recommended to the companies with a large volume of documents and high employee’s turnover rate.

NORD OUTSOURCING specialists can also prepare the templates of all necessary HR documents upon your request, make the audit or restoration of missing HR documents.

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